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Saturday 11th of February 2006 06:46:20 AM

Site Administrator

Hello and welcome to the Coquina Rock Band guestbook! Please enter your comments about the site, memories of the band, or any other important information. Please note that SPAM or other unwelcome comments will be removed.

Thanks again for your interest in the Coquina Rock Band!

Monday 27th of February 2006 12:24:36 PM

Jan Watson

Thanks to Mike Carpenter for creating this site and for dedicating it to my rockin' little brother - songwriter, singer, pianist, band leader - Mark Watson.
I was a CRB groupie, catching shows when I would visit from Chicago, hanging out at rehearsals at the "River House".
Keep the Rumor Alive!

Tuesday 14th of March 2006 04:47:15 AM

Rico Suave

I never knew Mark, I have played in several bands with Mike and Steve , They consist of "The Charge", Just Us, Defective Life Style, American Standard, Charles P. and Animal Frosting just to name a few.

We would take breaks and sometimes watch an old CRB video of the tv gig!

Keep Rockin!

Tuesday 21st of March 2006 12:03:18 PM

Jill Watson Kellogg

My sincere thanks to Mike for this web-site. This is a great
tribute to all the players and friends of CRB. 25 years ago!
Now we have lost Mark and Perry and perhaps more that we
don't know about. Hope all who visit this site are touched by
the memories and smile remembering it was FUN! Jill

Sunday 26th of March 2006 09:32:52 AM


Mike,good to hear from you. Hope you and your gang are well.Iwillibe looking for pics ihave some.also i have anights worths of songs from sailors inn gig on cd.just found out about mark@sonny.that hurts.the house was on coquina rige rd. band name.Walt was 1st bass player.I have CRB tape of tv sho

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